Annual Conference 2018 in Cologne

14-16 March 2018


The German Society for Demography (DGD) invites contributions to its annual conference 2018. The annual conference 2018 takes place from 14-16 March 2018 at the University of Cologne and is held in collaboration with the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD).

The primary focus of the conference is the relationship between family behavior, fertility and intergenerational relationships. Questions that are to be addressed in this conference are: How did family and fertility behavior change across generations? How do parents’ and children’s fertility behavior, child preferences and partnership dynamics relate to each other? How does fertility and partnership behavior influence intergenerational relationships? For example, how does the increase in divorce, separation and the growing prevalence of stepfamilies impact the relationships of the different generations? How do patterns vary across social groups? How do they differ across European countries?

Apart from topics that fall into the major theme of this conference, we also invite contributions that address any of the themes covered by the Working Groups of the DGD and the NVD. The following themes are available:

  • Family, fertility, intergenerational relationships (Michaela Kreyenfeld, Aart Liefbroer und Leo van Wissen)
  • Family, migration and health (Eva Kibele, Enno Nowossadeck)
  • Variations in mortality and morbidity (Fanny Janssen, Gabriele Doblhammer)
  • Family, fertility and intergenerational relationships in a migration context (Nadja Milewski, Susanne Schmid)
  • Migration (Pascal Becker)
  • Dynamics and measurement of childbearing preferences (Petra Buhr, Michael Feldhaus)
  • Demographic and societal developments in Germany (Philipp Deschermeier, Christina Wilke)
  • Demographic data and methods (Roland Rau, Felix zur Nieden)
  • Digitization and family (Michael Feldhaus, Phillip Deschermeier)
  • Familiy, fertility and intergenerational relationships in a regional context (Steffen Maretzke, Matthias Förster)
  • Poster session (Michaela Kreyenfeld)


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Registration for the annual conference of the DGD will be possible from 15 January 2018.


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